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Please read :)

I would love to use this app but I live in Canada, could you make it possible for This app to work in Canada?


I sort the opening jobs by distance and itll show me jobs hundreds of miles away from the zip code I enter. Cant forget to mention how I try to narrow down to what type of job im looking for & itll still show jobs out of my description.

This is a scam

Do not give out your information to this job site. They do not send the job you apply for your application. I applied to Pizza Hut through here and found out Pizza Hut did not get my application, by going to Pizza Hut and inquiring about my application. Pizza Hut sent me to the actual job site. The Pizza Hut application only asked for the last 4 of my social. Where as on "snag a scam"had me put my entire social for a job application. Now I need to monitor my credit

Love it

I absolutely ❤️ this app.

Awsome app

Wish I had a fulltime job call me

Love it!

As a senior in high school I was incredibly worried about being able to find a job. After a few days on this app and applying to a few jobs, the owner of the local Dairy Queen called me and I now work there. This app is amazing for anyone who is willing to take the time to sort through the jobs and reach out to potential employers!


This app is bomb lol get it

Great Quality service on time

snag a job will not only get you A job but maybe even a future in any career that you my like are think of

This app saved me from the struggle

I recommend this app. Helped out a lot.

Great app

Great app to apply jobs too

Best job app

Sure it has its ups and downs but the ups out do the downs. Its very helpful try it.

I love it!!!

So much easier to apply to jobs and you can easily see whats hiring in your area!!!


Love the app obtain a job in using it within the first two months.

Love it

This app is a really great job searching tool. Its like essential to finding a job!

Getting really frustrated

All I see is uber uber uber. Other than that its all fast food places. I filtered it to jobs closer than 5 miles, the filter feature doesnt work. It gives me jobs 0 miles away than jumps to jobs 30 miles away. Like I said all I see is uber and fast food. Even when I search labor jobs with my zip code it doesnt change the search result.


Ive gone on a few interviews and filled out several applications using this app. It is also helpful in finding out which jobs are hiring.


Download this app !

Almost as good as going door to door

Use the desktop site. The app adds nothing.

I hate the fact that Im having so much trouble filtering it to make the jobs closer to me. It only shows jobs in other states and not anywhere close to where I live. Horrible. I got my first job from this app but now the update is just horrible hope they fix it soon.

Great app

Heplful and very easy to use

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